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Geskryf deur Daniel Louw   
Donderdag, 07 Julie 2011 21:21

Eenkeer in ’n debat oor evolusie op, Understanding evolution, het iemand die volgende gesê:

Kyran 10/30/2009 11:38:33 PM
A quick note on the philosophy of science and why evolution is not a religion. The fundamental aspect of science is falsifiability. That means that for a theory to be scientific, it has to in theory be able to be proven wrong. For instance, gravity is falsifiable because if an object one day didn't fall but levitated, gravity would not be able to explain it and the theory would be rejected. Similarly, evolution is falsifiable... if we found a rabbit fossil sitting in amongst cambrian fauna we would have a problem. But with millions of fossils we don’t have one of these 'outliers', not one! Religion/God/ID is unscientific because there is no possible scenario whereby I can prove that God doesn't exist, just like I can't prove to you that a ghost is sitting next to me, just take it on faith.
That is why faith and science don't mix, and that is why us evolutionists get offended by attacks on an accepted scientific theory. If you want to believe in the ghost in the room, that’s fine, but don't threaten me and keep it out of my children's schools. We are a secular state for a reason, and I promise that reason has nothing to do with satan.

Kyran is baie seker van sy/haar saak, net jammer dat hy/sy verkeerd is, want sulke uitskieters is wel al baie gevind. Die volgende is voorbeelde:

Inteendeel, hierdie uitskieters is eerder die reël as die uitsondering. En hoe meer fossiele ontdek word, hoe meer daarvan kom op die “verkeerde”plekke voor (kyk The fossil record). As Kyran ernstig was oor hierdie stelling, moet hy/sy nie meer in evolusie glo nie.

Lyk my evolusioniste moet ook ’n artikel skryf “Arguments we think evolutionists should NOT use”[1], soos Arguments we think creationists should NOT use :-).

Kyk ook

Is die skepping-evolusie kwessie belangrik?

Die volgende is ’n aanhaling uit Valentine’s Day shock:

And it wasn’t just the pastor. Unbeknown to Don, one of the people who attended church that day was known to the pastor as a non-Christian:
“There was a real buzz afterwards. Many people expressed appreciation. A man introduced me to his biochemist wife who was buying The Genesis Record. She wanted advice on what she should buy. I suggested Michael Denton’s Evolution—a theory in crisis. I found out later it was her first time at church in a long time. She believed Christians “leave their brains at the door” when they go to church (this is an exact phrase I’d used during my talk, encouraging Christians not to do that). Her son was dying of a heart problem and it turns out the pastor’s wife had a nephew die of the same problem, and was able to talk with her in an understanding way.


[1] Intussen het CMI wel so 'n artikel geskryf: Arguments evolutionists should not use.