Glo die Bybel

Johannes 17:17 ...U Woord is die waarheid.


Glo die Bybel Glo die Bybel
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Dinsdag, 11 Januarie 2011 21:36


Christenvervolging in Nigerië en Etiopië

Dear Church of Christ Jesus

Please read and pray for the pursecuted church, it may come nearer to us also in these times and then we would also need the prayers of others, do not be complacent and dull-hearted, be alert, be diligent in prayer and perseverance in the faith, press on for a crown of victory is awaiting the faithful. While we have breath in our lungs let us not grow faint in caring, compassion, testimony, exhortation, praying also for enemies and for the lost. Let us endure to the end and our love and light of purity and holiness not grow dim.


Israel & die Midde Ooste

Beskerming van Israel & Goddelike ingryping in onrusgeteisterde Moslemlande .



Gebed vir die nuwe jaar